25/05 – 30/05. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №16

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In Kyiv, people mourned the passing of Eduard Trepilchenko, a scout of the 93rd OMBR, who died in a battle in the Izium direction. The Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin visited Irpin and Bucha during her visit to Ukraine. The demining work continues in the occupied territories.


25.05, Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

25.05, Kyiv
Farewell ceremony for Eduard Trepilchenko, a scout of the 93rd OMBR, who died on May 20 near Izyum in Slobozhanshchyna.

Photo: Slava Ratynski

25.05, Slobozhanshchyna
Destroyed houses in Slobozhanshchyna.

Photo: Aris Messinis

25.05, Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
A refugee volunteer unloads boxes of medicine for the residents of the temporarily occupied territorial communities.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

25.05, Slobozhanshchyna
A woman in the yard of a ruined apartment building.

Photo: Aris Messinis

25.05 Bucha, Polissia
After returning to the occupied Bucha, this woman said, “I brought this lilac tree from my parents’ house. Settled! We will live too.”

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

25.05 Kyiv
A boy on a burnt Russian tank installed as a part of an exhibit in front of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral in Kyiv.

Photo: Serhii Korovainyi

26.05 Sivershchyna
The demining team from The HALO Trust (USA) is helping to clear Russian mines and unexploded ordinances in Ukraine.

Photo: Facebook page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

26.06, Kyiv
The Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin during a working visit to Ukraine.

Photo: Official page of the President of Ukraine

26.05 Dmytrivka, Polissia
Debris of destroyed Russian tanks in Kyiv region.

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk


Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to fight against the Russian occupiers. Rescuers are eliminating the effects of enemy shelling. Liberated Ukrainian cities and communities are gradually being rebuilt after occupation by Russian invaders.

27.05 Odesa, Prychornomoria

Photo: Michael Shtekel

27.05 Slobozhanshchyna
Servicewoman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Photo: Julia Kochetova

27.05 Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia and Podniprovia
A woman from Mariupol at the Zaporizhzhia Humanitarian Center for Refugees.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

6-year-old Ilya, whose family died in Mariupol, wrote a response to an open letter from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to Ukrainian children.

Photo: Melinda Simmons

Anton Drobovych, head of The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, during his online presentation at the Ukrainian House in Davos.

Photo: Kostiantyn Polishchuk

27.05 Bakhmut, Slobozhanshchyna
Firefighters are overcoming the consequences of rocket fire at one of the factories in Bakhmut.

Photo: Oleksandr Ratushnyak

27.05 Slobozhanshchyna
Fragments of enemy vehicles in the yard of a private house.

Photo: Julia Kochetova

28.05 Bucha, Polissya
Consequences of the occupation of Bucha by Russian invaders.

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

27.05 Novyi Bykiv, Sivershchyna
Maxim Didyk returned home after two weeks of captivity by the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Serhii Korovainyi

Fighting crews from a separate artillery brigade, “Zaporizhzhya Sich,” inflicted fire damage on the enemy.

Photo: Facebook page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


In the east of Ukraine, fierce battles continue between Ukrainian defenders and Russian invaders. Kalush Orchestra and Serhiy Prytula sold the Eurovision 2022 trophy for $900,000 at a charity auction. Civilians are returning to de-occupied towns and villages.

29.05 Barvinkove, Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Aris Messinis

29.05 Kyiv
Serhiy Prytula in the office of his foundation after the charity auction, on which the crystal microphone of Eurovision-2022 was sold for $900,000.

Photo: Mikhail Chubun

29.05 Kuhari, Polissia
Volodymyr Vitrogradskyi, the arborist from Kyiv, rescues a 350-year-old oak tree damaged by an explosion.

Photo: Karina Piliugina

29.05 Irpin, Polissia
The man on an electric scooter rides down the street in occupied Irpen.

Photo: Sergiy Illyashenko

29.05 Kuhari, Polissia
The local resident shows a cluster shell that hit his yard.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

29.05 Hostomel, Polissia
The inscription left by the owners on the fence around their house in Hostomel: “We are peaceful people” (in Russian).

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

30.05 Borodianka, Polissia
The box of matches with the inscription “Europa” in the hands of Mykola, Borodianka resident, who remained in his native village during the entire period of occupation.

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

30.05 Chernihiv, Sivershchyna
Yulia Hrebneva is standing among the wreckage of a Russian military plane that crashed into the house where her family lived.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

30.05 Motyzhyn, Polissia
The children’s carousel in the private arboretum “Dobropark” was destroyed by the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Oleksandr Popenko

30.05 Slobozhanshchyna
The fighter of the artillery brigade named after Hetman Danylo Apostol fires from the M777 howitzer.

Photo: Facebook page of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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