30/07 – 04/08. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №27

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Families of Ukrainian prisoners of war are demanding an investigation into the explosion that killed at least 50 people in a prison camp in the temporarily occupied village of Olenivka. Russian occupiers are shelling civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in the cities and towns of Ukraine every day. Due to a damaged water pipe, Mykolaiv still remains without a centralized water supply.

July 30-31st in Ukraine

31.07 Kyiv

Photo: Laura Boushnak

31.07 Warsaw, Poland
Participants of the rally in Warsaw call to recognize Russia as a terrorist state and provide weapons to Ukraine.

Photo: Natalia Panchenko

31.07 Lviv, Halychyna
Priests of the Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church.

Photo: Pietro Chekal

31.07 Irpin, Polissia
Wooden crosses, toys, and clothes on the bridge symbolize those who died during the attempt to evacuate civilians.

Photo: Sergiy Ilyashenko

30.07 Dnipro, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
The worker leaves the granary.

Photo: Alkis Konstantinidis for Reuters

30.07 Kramatorsk, Slobozhanshchyna
A private house is on fire after being hit by a Russian projectile.

Photo: Albert Lores

Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
Men walk past buildings destroyed by the Russian shelling.

Photo: Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

30.07 Mariupol, Pryazovia
A boy in front of destroyed buildings in Mariupol.

Photo: Telegram channel of the Mariupol City Council

31.07 Mykolaiv, Prychornomoria
Residents of Mykolaiv are queuing for drinking water.

Photo: Stas Kozliuk

August 1–2nd in Ukraine

In Ukrainian and European cities, people are going to demonstrations in support of the defenders of Azovstal, captured by Russians. On the night of August 1 Russia launched a rocket attack on Mykolaiv: a hospital and private houses were damaged. Ukrainian farmers continue to harvest grain crops.

01.08 Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: David Guttenfelder

01.08 Lviv, Halychyna
Demonstration in support of war prisoners from the Azov Regiment.

Photo: Pietro Chekal

02.08 Slobozhanshchyna
A resident of a city located not far from the war zone.

Photo: Bulent Kilic

02.08 Pokrovsk, Slobozhanshchyna
A girl in an evacuation train holds a dog to her chest and waves to her grandparents.

Photo: David Goldman

02.08 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
A child sleeps in a cart inside a creation tent of a logistics hub for temporarily displaced persons.

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

01.08 Mykolaiv, Prychornomoria
A firefighter puts out a fire in a hospital that broke out due to R*ssian rocket fire.

Photo: Stanislav Kozliuk

02.08 Slobozhanshchyna
A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine next to the wreckage of Russian equipment.

Photo: Instagram page of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade Kholodnyi Yar

01.08 Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
View of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, which is currently captured by the occupiers.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

02.08 Polissia
Harvest in Ukraine.

Photo: Alexey Furman

02.08 Cherkasy, Naddniprianshchyna
A man hugs his daughters, who have returned from abroad.

Photo: Sergiy Ilyashenko

August 3-4th in Ukraine

In Ukraine and around the world, activists continue to organize demonstrations in support of Ukrainian prisoners of war. On August 3, Russians shelled Mykolaiv again. They destroyed a supermarket and hit the territory of an equestrian school twice. Ukrainian farmers ardently harvest grain, despite constant Russian shelling that causes fires in the fields.

04.08 Mykolaiv

Photo: Yevhenii Zavhorodnii

03.08 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
A residential building in Kharkiv, destroyed by Russian troops.

Photo: Mstyslav Chernov

04.08 Pokrovsk, Slobozhanshchyna
Children near the evacuation train.

Photo: Bulent Kilic

03.08 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Public performance in support of the captured defenders of Azovstal.

Photo: Dmytro Smolienko

04.08 Kyiv
Participants of the demonstration in support of captured service members. The girl’s poster says, “I am waiting for my dad to return from captivity.”

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

04.08 Zelenodolsk, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
A field is burning as a result of Russian shelling.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

04.08 Dnipro, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
People watch the sunset on the embankment of the Dnipro river.

Photo: Alkis Konstantinidis

03.08 Irpin, Polissia
People bathe in the river, in the background are the destroyed residential buildings in Irpin.

Photo: UNIAN

04.08 Zelenodolsk, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Ukrainian defenders walk the field.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

04.08 Lviv, Halychyna
Photo of a child, captured through the flag of Ukraine.

Photo: Pietro Chekal

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