16/09 – 21/09. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №35

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On the 15th of September, a mass grave was discovered on the outskirts of the city of Izium in Slobozhanshchyna, which was recently liberated from the Russian occupiers. The exhumation of the bodies has begun, and investigative actions are ongoing to collect evidence of the invaders’ guilt for future trials. President Volodymyr Zelenskyi emphasized that the world countries should react to mass murders and other war crimes committed by the Russian Federation.

16-17th September in Ukraine

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna

photo: Serhii Nuzhnenko

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
Exhumation at the site of a mass burial in liberated Izium.

photo: Wojciech Grzedzinski

Left behind by the Russian troops during the retreat, ammunition becomes trophies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

photo: Facebook page of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
A resident of Izium prepares food on the fire. Most areas of the city are without electricity, there is no gas and water.

photo: Nazar Furyk

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
A woman walks with a bicycle across the bridge. Now, due to the destruction of cars, it is the primary means of transportation in Izium.

photo: Stas Yurchenko

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian tankers enter Izium.

photo: Oleksandr Khomenko

16.09 Donechchyna
The road to Bakhmut.

Photo: Sasha Maslov

16.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
A soldier of the 93rd brigade, which held the front around Izium for five months.

Photo: the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, Kholodnyi Yar.

16.09 Irpin, Polissia
The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, visited the school that was damaged by Russian shelling.

Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram page

16.09 Chernihiv, Sivershchyna
Astrophotography in front of a building destroyed by Russian shelling.

Photo: Dmitry Prikhodko

18-19th September in Ukraine

In the cities and villages of Slobozhanshchyna, liberated from the occupiers at the beginning of September, law enforcement and power structures continue to work. They reveal and document the crimes of the Russian military, which terrorized local residents. Finally, it was possible to evacuate the bodies of some soldiers who died near Izium in the spring. With the return of Ukraine’s control over the liberated territories, civilization is gradually returning there.

18.09 Kozacha Lopan, Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Viktoriia Yakymenko

18.09 Kozacha Lopan, Slobozhanshchyna
The torture chamber, where the occupiers kept Ukrainians.

Photo: Viktoriia Yakymenko

19.09 Vovchansk, Slobozhanshchyna
A board with inscriptions and markings in the torture chamber where the occupiers kept Ukrainians.

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

19.09 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Drone control training for the military.

Photo: Elena Tita

18.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
The photographer shows the middle finger to a tattered billboard with the Russian flag.

Photo: Oleksandr Ratushnyak

Tattoo with the coat of arms of Ukraine on the hand of a military man.

Photo: Julia Kochetova

19.09 Kupiansk, Slobozhanshchyna
A man walks down a clogged street in the recently liberated Kupiansk.

Photo: Instagram page of Volodymyr Zelenskyi

19.09 Kupiansk, Slobozhanshchyna
A stele painted in the colours of the Ukrainian flag at the entrance to liberated Kupiansk.

Photo: Instagram page of Volodymyr Zelenskyi

20-21st September in Ukraine

Ukraine freed 215 heroes from Russian captivity, 108 of them are fighters of the Azov regiment. In particular, commanders — Denys Prokopenko, Serhiy Volynskyi, Svyatoslav Palamar, Denys Shlega and Oleg Khomenko. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia. On the 20th of September, the first three McDonald’s restaurants reopened in Kyiv.

21.09 Turkey

Photo: Telegram channel Zelenskiy / Official

21.09 Sivershchyna
Azovstal defender Mykhailo Dianov was released from Russian captivity.

Photo: Facebook page of the Security Service of Ukraine

21.09 Donechchyna
Rescuers of the State Emergency Service set a Ukrainian flag on the ceiling near the entrance to Donechchyna.

Photo: Pavlo Petrov

20.09 Kyiv
Billboard of one of the McDonald’s restaurants that have resumed work after almost 7 months.

Photo: Yevhenii Zavhorodnii

A view of the reservoir located not far from the positions of the infantrymen of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, Kholodnyi Yar.

Photo: the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, Kholodnyi Yar

20.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
Local residents try to catch a mobile signal on Mount Kremenets.

Photo: Viktoriia Yakymenko

20.09 Balaklia, Slobozhanshchyna
Propaganda newspaper of the occupiers in the building where Russians tortured Ukrainians.

Photo: Herman Krieger

20.09 Balaklia, Slobozhanshchyna
An improvised calendar on the wall of the building where the occupiers tortured Ukrainians.

Photo: Herman Krieger

20.09 Izium, Slobozhanshchyna
One of the Polovtsian women, a monument of sacred ancient art destroyed by the Russian troops.

Photo: Viktoriia Yakymenko

20.09 Kyiv
A coffin with the body of the Ukrainian defender Oleksiy Yurchenko, who died in the battles near the town of Balaklia.

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak

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