Response of Ukrainian artists to the war started by the Russian Federation. Part 7

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“If you had studied properly, you wouldn’t have gone to Chornobyl” – what else can we say to the Russian army? It looks like they have never bothered to learn history (not to mention physics, specifically the topic of radiation).

The occupiers first seized the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station, then dug trenches in the Red Forest, the area that is most highly contaminated by radiation. So the soldiers complained of feeling unwell. Their commanders, who had sent them (without any special protection) to an area where even Chornobyl workers do not go, just shrugged. The foolhardy soldiers were hospitalized; some have already died from the radiation.

The Russian military continues to collect medals “for stupidity and courage”, since digging in a forest contaminated by radiation is a suicide mission as senseless as their trip to Chornobaivka. We encourage them to continue in the same spirit. Meanwhile, we wish a peaceful sky to all the Ukrainian artists who are illustrating all this with such skill and humour.

Illustation: Bright Arts (instagram: @bright_arts)

Illustation: Brown Jenkin (instagram: @brown.jenkin.official)

Illustation: elf_v_mazepyntsi

Illustation: Maksym Palenko

Illustation: Max Moshkovsky (instagram: @moshkovsky_art)

Illustation: Sandra Ruth (@red_ruth_art)

Illustation: Oleksandr Grekhov (instagram: @unicornandwine)

Illustation: Ksusha Kabanchuk (instagram: @xiukab)

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