Response of Ukrainian children to the war started by the Russian Federation

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For almost a month now, Ukrainian children have been living in the realities of war. Thousands of them are hiding in the cold basements or corridors of their homes from airstrikes and shelling. Thousands more have been forced to flee their homes, which they now miss a lot. They are confused, scared, bewildered.

It is difficult for children to understand why Russia attacked Ukraine and why the war continues. But in their games, they are already building barricades and calling imaginary enemies like adults – Rusnya or Russians. And they draw and depict this war as they see and understand it.

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Alice, 9 years old

Soldiers guard Ukraine. Anastasia, 8 years old

Do not take parents from children! We are for peace! Angelina, 15 years old

Anya, 6 years old

Ksenia, 9 years old

May there be peace and love. Darina, 7 years old

Freedom to Ukraine. Darina, 7 years old

Peace to all of us! Diana, 6 years old

Let Russia be blown away by the wind. Elijah, 7 years old

Lyuba, 8 years old

Maxim, 7 years old

This is Putin in an American prison. Maxim, 7 years old

Marco, 10 years old

Marco, 10 years old

Marco, 10 years old

Together Ukraine is stronger. Masha, 7 years old

Come home alive! Alexandra, 9 years old

Glory to Ukraine. Olesya, 8 years old

To you from Sofiyka. Sofia, 5 years old

Dad is a hero! I do not want to become a war. I'm waiting for you, and for Olya, and for my grandfather. We will all win together, just believe in it. We do something so as not to be sad. The war will be over, and you can come, but only with us! from the son Dad courageous brave good well, in short, my Dad is the best! On the sides: me, mom, agent, dad. Sasha, 9 years old

Lukashenko has lost his conscience. - Conscience, where are you !!!! Elijah, 7 years old

Timophiy, 11 years old

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