Response of Ukrainian artists to the war started by the Russian Federation

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Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Ukrainian artists have been creating illustrations, posters, and collages. Some artworks go viral on social media and are used by people from different countries to protest the aggression and lies of the occupants. We collected the most well-directed ones.

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Anna Sarvira

Illustration: Pictoric

Illustration: Alex Korchevski

Illustration: Nati Rüd

Illustration: Christina Zolotarova

Illustration: Pani Zmyina Tushka

Illustration: strng

Ukrainian designers and illustrators speak up with their works since the beginning of the aggressive war that Russia wages against Ukraine. They create illustrations, collages, and posters to cover major events of the war and to protest against Russian cruelty.

Some artists sell their works and donate profits to the Ukrainian Army. To support the Ukrainian Armed Forces even more, professional community has launched a flashmob under the hashtag #ЯДякуюЗСУ (Ukr. “I thank Ukrainian Armed Forces”), in order to create even more posters supporting the Ukrainian Army.

On February 27th, Holy Water IT-startup together with the Ukrainian art institutions announced an open call for the Ukrainian artists’ art works. The aim is to create NFT collection, place it on the international platforms and fundraise one million US dollars for Ukraine and the Ukrainian army.

Illustration: Mykyta Titov

Illustration: Albyna Kolesnychenko

Illustration: Romana Ruban

Illustration: Alona Zhuk

Illustration: Alona Zhuk

Illustration: Bogdana Davydiuk

Illustration: Maksym Palenko

Illustration: Ukrainian Assembly Comix

Illustration: Stanislav Rykun

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

Ukraine has been defending itself against a terrorist state that does not respect international humanitarian law for the past 15 days. On March 9, the Russian military bombed a children’s hospital and a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Due to the shelling of the occupiers, numerous Ukrainian cities lack heat, electricity, food and drinking water.

If NATO had protected Ukraine’s skies from enemy aircraft, the casualties among Ukrainian civilians would have been smaller. Activists from all around the globe are requesting that Ukraine’s airspace be closed. Illustrators from Ukraine have joined them.

Illustration: Bogdana Davydiuk

Illustration: Maksym Palenko

Illustration: Bright Arts

Illustration: Sophia Suliy

Illustration: Sophia Suliy

Illustration: Tsvenger Art

Illustration: Sophia Suliy

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Kristina Teryohina

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