12/06 – 17/06. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №19

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On June 13, 2014, the Ukrainian army liberated Mariupol from Russian and pro-Russian militants. This memorable date is a painful reminder this year that the now-destroyed city is under Russian control. Residents of the liberated territories are dismantling the remains of their destroyed homes. Not far from the combat zone, wedding ceremonies are held for couples in the Ukrainian armed forces.


13.06 Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Serhii Nuzhnenko

13.06 Mariupol, Pryazovia
Last year’s celebration of the anniversary of the liberation of Mariupol from Russian invaders.

Photo: Telegram channel Mariupol Now

13.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
The destroyed building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Photo: Viktoriia Yakymenko

13.06 Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian defenders with a drone in the combat zone in the east of Ukraine.

Photo: Evgeny Petlev

13.06 Pidhaine, Polissia
An 86-year-old woman in her kitchen garden, in front of a ruined yard.

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

12.06 Mala Rohan, Slobozhanshchyna
A local woman looks out of the window of a building on a farm that was damaged in shelling by the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Karina Piliugina

13.06 Yasnohorodka, Polissia
The dome of the half-destroyed church damaged by Russians in the village of Yasnohorodka.

Photo: Slava Ratynski

12.06 Druzhkivka, Slobozhanshchyna
The wedding ceremony of a Ukrainian military couple near the combat zone.

Photo: Aris Messinis

12.06 Bucha, Polissia
Trinity Sunday Service in the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, in liberated Bucha.

Photo: Alexey Furman

13.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
A business center in Kharkiv, damaged by a Russian shell.

Photo: George Ivanchenko


Ukrainian graduates are photographed in front of destroyed schools and military equipment, drawing the world’s attention to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Ukrainian guerrillas in Kherson continue to resist the Russian occupiers. Exhumation of bodies of civilians tortured by Russians in Kyiv region continues.

15.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Oleg Sologub

15.06 Kyiv
Camouflage net woven by volunteers for the Air Force of Ukraine.

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak

14.06 Slobozhanshchyna
The Ukrainian soldiers are eating cherries in a village near the front line.

Photo: Karina Piliugina

15.06 Kherson, Tavria
The inscription on the poster in occupied Kherson, “Rash*sti, it’s too late to flee. Rostov – 558 km, Armed Forces of Ukraine – 10 km. Kherson is Ukraine.”

Photo: Ukrinform

15.06 Vilnius, Lithuania
The inscription on the poster of the demonstration participant in support of Ukraine, “Before going to the Russian ballet – visit Bucha or Mariupol.”

Photo: Andrej Vasilenko

15.06 Kyiv
A school graduate poses in front of the destroyed Russian equipment.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

15.06 Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian soldiers on the front line in the East.

Photo: Aris Messinis

15.06 Lviv, Halychyna
Daughter of a fallen soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at her father’s funeral.

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

15.06 Bucha, Polissia
Exhumation of seven civilian bodies, tortured by the Russian military in Bucha.

Photo: Nicole Tung

14.06 Derhachi, Slobozhanshchyna
A bust of Taras Shevchenko near the ruined House of Culture building.

Photo: Oleksandr Babich


In Kyiv, people bid farewell to well-known activist Roman Ratushnyi, who worked as a military intelligence officer for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and was killed during a combat mission near Izium. UK prime minister Boris Johnson came to Kyiv for the second time since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. French president Emmanuel Macron, German chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian prime minister Mario Draghi and Romanian president Klaus Iohannis visited the liberated city of Irpin.


Photo: Slava Ratynski

16.06 Kyiv
People stand in front of a message painted on the retaining wall of Protasiv Yar, which reads: “Roman Ratushnyi. Heroes never die!”

Photo: Oleksandr Khomenko

17.06 Kyiv
Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Boris Johnson during the UK prime minister’s visit to Ukraine.

Photo: official page of the president of Ukraine

17.06 Dobropillia, Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian flag next to homes destroyed by Russian shelling.

Photo: Aris Messinis

16.06 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Volunteers weave camouflage nets in one of the city’s cultural institutions.

Photo: Elena Tita

A defensive position in the south of Ukraine.

Photo: Sasha Maslov

16.06 Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region
Police distribute aid to the residents of Krasnohorivka in the Donetsk region.

Photo: Gleb Garanich for Reuters

17.06 Lviv, Halychyna
Military band members during the funeral ceremony of a serviceman in Lviv.

Photo: Katya Moskalyuk

16.06 Lysychansk, Slobozhanshchyna
A woman covers her ears in response to the sounds of Russian air raids.

Photo: Efrem Lukatsky⁠ for The Associated Press

17.06 Kyiv
The presidents of Romania and France, the prime minister of Italy, and the chancellor of Germany joined the Ukrainian president for a press conference in Kyiv.

Photo: Ludovic Marin

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