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Ukrainian fashion brands and designers bring victory closer: they create special collections and donate profits to the charities, transfer funds to the army and spread information among their followers. Many have remolded their production and not only started sewing uniforms, combat boots or plate carriers, but also begun weaving camouflage nets.

DDodo Socks created ‘To the Victory’ collection and has already raised more than a million hryvnias on pre-order. The brand sends profits from their offline sales to the Come Back Alive Foundation.

An aid pickup point that distributes tights and socks to the refugee children has been opened in Lviv. Also, Dodo Socks has ‘Suspended Socks’ service: you can pay for any item, leave it in the store and employees will make sure that it will reach those who need it the most.

CULTNAKED transferred 100,000 hryvnias to the Come Back Alive Foundation. The brand encourages their subscribers to donate to the army.

Horondi arranged a temporary overnight shelter in their Lviv workshop for those left without a roof over their heads. They also sew bulletproof vests.

Turbat shared their well-tried sewing patterns for making sleeping bags, fleece clothes, thermal underwear and balaclavas.

ByMe lost its workshop as a result of Russian shelling in Chernihiv. The founders of the brand organized a fundraiser and initiated a purchase of body armor plates, as well as sewing bulletproof vests in Kremenchuk.

Siyai is a brand that has designed a sweater with a legendary inscription ‘Russian warship – fuck off’. They also sell yellow and blue ‘Nation’ turtlenecks. All proceeds from the sale will be transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Kostia Omelya

Andre Tan

Kostya Omelya (from Omelya Atelier) is a designer, who weaves camouflage nets for the military.

Andre Tan sews bulletproof vests, warm fleece clothes, underwear, sleeping bags and raincoats-tents.

Kachorovska Atelier sews combat boots for the army. They have also raised 620,000 hryvnias for the needs of territorial defense (‘teroborona’) units.

MUSTHAVE sews unloading vests and balaclavas for the Ukrainian army. Previously, MUSTHAVE informed that they have warm women’s clothes for those in need.



Etnodim raises funds aimed at purchasing ammunition for the territorial defense of Ukraine’s capital.

Gorgany has reshaped its stores into military aid collection points. They also purchase materials that are necessary for sewing military habiliment and sleeping bags.

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