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The full-scale Russian invasion has affected not only people and infrastructure, but also animals. Ukrainians bring their pets to bomb shelters and together evacuate to safer areas. For many kilometers people carry their cats and dogs in arms, on shoulders, in pet carriers, backpacks and boxes; they transport them in cars, buses and trains.

Numerous people leave the country together with their pets. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova have simplified the rules for entering with pets: animals are allowed in without documents or microchip implants (required papers are quickly processed at the border or at the place of stay).

Irpin’, Polissia
Zoo volunteer Nastya Tykha rescues disables dogs from the ‘Pliushka’ shelter that is located near Irpin’.

Illustration: burcustu

Markhalivka, Naddniprianshchyna
As an aftermath of the Russian air strike, Igor Mozhayev has lost his home, two grandchildren, two nephews, wife, daughter, and sister. Only his cat has survived.

Photo: Gul Tuysuz/CNN

A cat has been rescued from an abandoned apartment by ZooPatrol activists.
If you have found out that there is an animal left behind the closed doors, you need to contact the apartment’s owner and the volunteers. The pet can be fed and given water through a crack under the door or through a broken peephole.

Photo: ZooPatrol

Ukrainians together with their pets shelter from the air and missile strikes.

Photo: Sergii Korovainyi

Bashtanka, Prychornomoria
At a checkpoint in Bashtanka, that is located in Mykolaiv, a puppy got skittish after shelling, but has not run away. Recently, he was ‘enlisted’ to the local police unit.

Photo: National Police of Ukraine

During the shelling of one of the apartment blocks in Obolon’, a turtle came flying out of the window. It seems, that the reptile have ´flew´ several dozen meters before falling behind a football stadium fence, injuring its foot in the process.

Journalist Dmytro Replianchuk found the turtle and handed it to the Red Cross medics. Subsequently, the owner was also found.

Photo: Dima Replianchuk

Domazhyr, Halychyna
Seven bears were evacuated from the ‘Bila Skelya’ (White Rock) shelter near Kyiv. They were given refuge in the brown bears rehabilitation centre ‘Domazhyr’ near Lviv.

Photo: Bear Sanctuary 'Domazhyr'

Dnipro, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
In order not to endanger their long-time friend, the 1st Assault Company of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps ‘Right Sector’ with the help of UAnimals have decided to find a new home for Wolf. In his new habitat, the wolf has already found a girlfriend.

Photo: UAnimals

Irpin’, Polissia
Ukrainian soldiers help this elderly woman and her pet to evacuate.

Photo: UAnimals

While accompanying his family to the Polish border, this Ukrainian man carried his old dog Kulya (Bullet) in his arms for 17 kilometers.
Photo: Guardian Community

Фото: Guardian Community

Lviv, Halychyna
A volunteer from Russian-shelled Kharkiv was unable to leave behind 40 cats that she had fostered. She decided to evacuate them to Lviv.

Photo: UAnimals

Irpin’, Polissia
‘Today, I have evacuated (apart from people) 23 dogs, 4 cats and 3 pet rats…Well, and a bicycle with its owner, as usual,’ shared on social media a volunteer who helps Ukrainians to evacuate their pets across the destroyed bridge over the Irpin’ river.

Photo: Olaf Clemensen

Hostomel, Polissia
The Russian military riddled with bullets a car of Ukrainian dog trainer Ikar Bakun as he was evacuating his three dogs. One German shepherd survived. The dog sat for a long time near the body of her murdered owner.

Photo: Ikar Bakun's Facebook page

Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
The ecopark ‘Feldman’ constantly suffers from Russian shelling. The Russian invaders have damaged parts of glass display cases in the enclosures. The frightened animals have fled the fenced areas, some were brought back. Not all the animals have survived the shelling. Two volunteers, who have managed to get into the ecopark to feed the animals, were also killed. On February 28th, despite ‘Grad’ rocket-launchers and air raid sirens, a kiang (a mammal of Equidae family) was born.

Photo: Ecopark 'Feldman'

Chernihiv, Sivershchyna
Patron is not only a dog mascot, but also a member of Chernihiv pyrotechnics unit of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Irpin’, Polissia
A man comforts a dog paralyzed by fear of bombing.

Photo: Marcus Yam, LA Times

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