The reaction of foreign artists to the war started by Russia

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Art is also a weapon. At a time when social networks are blocking “awkward” hashtags and posts with photos and videos, the works of artists are becoming significant evidence of everything that is really happening.

The whole world is watching the full-scale war started by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. This war concerns everyone. Foreign artists do not stand aside. In their works, they condemn and ridicule the aggressor country, and support Ukraine. Some caricatures of this selection were published in the foreign press. Many artists from abroad have put their works up for sale to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces and Ukrainians affected by the war.

Illustration: Ramirez (instagram: @michaelpramirez)

Illustration: Ramirez (instagram: @michaelpramirez)

Illustration: staufferstudio

Illustration: paweljonca

Illustration: David Rowe (instagram: @droweafr)

Illustration: David Rowe (instagram: @droweafr)

Illustration: staufferstudio

Illustration: goldencosmos

Illustration: gunduz_aghayev

Illustration: Chris Riddell (instagram: @chris_riddell)

Now, no one will ask: “Ukraine? Where’s that?”. The world already knows what unbreakable and brave people live in Ukraine. It knows Ukraine’s cities: Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kherson. It grieves and sympathizes with every person who has suffered during the full-scale war started by Russia.

These feelings are very aptly conveyed in the works of foreign artists. Their illustrations are simultaneously a gesture of support and a way of documenting a war that is affecting not only Ukraine but the whole world.

Illustration: beeple_crap

Illustration: staufferstudio

Illustration: Sviatlana Sofia Dzemidovich (instagram: @s.dzemidovich)

Illustration: Sviatlana Sofia Dzemidovich (instagram: @s.dzemidovich)

Illustration: Anastasia Rydlevskaya (instagram: @arydlevskaya_art)

Illustration: Sari Airola (instagram: @illustrationairola)

Illustration: by_alina_sh

Illustration: Gustaf Ö Hjalmars (instagram: @goh_illustration)

Illustration: Jenna Kunnas (instagram: @jennakunnas)

Illustration: cosmicdank

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