Germans, don’t make your past mistakes again

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In this photo taken on December 7, 1970, in Warsaw, you can see the German Chancellor Willy Brandt kneeling for the monument to the Warsaw ghetto victims during World War II. It is possible that another German chancellor in Kyiv in 20 years will ask about forgiveness for Merkel and Scholz’s policies regarding Ukraine in front of the monument to the Russian aggression victims.

Yes, Germany is not killing anyone this time. But during the last eight years, the country has been helping Russia commit murders.

Until the last moment, Germany refused to supply the weapons to Ukraine. The country gave the go-ahead after Russia made a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. And even these weapons proposed by Germany turned out to be Soviet rubbish.

All this time, Germany has been trying to force Ukraine to comply with the Minsk agreements. These are the conditions that require Ukraine to legalize the pro-Russian militants in the Donbas for maintaining these territories, but not to manage them;

Even now, when Russia launches airstrikes on Ukrainian civilian cities every day, Germany refuses to support the regime of closed skies for Ukraine. Every day, civilians, including women, children, and retirees, are killed by Russian airstrikes.

Germany was one of the last countries to support Russia’s disconnection from the SWIFT system, and even then, it refused to disconnect all Russian banks. For instance, these restrictions haven’t affected Sberbank yet, the largest bank in the Russian Federation.

Germany continues to buy Russian energy resources.

Before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany wanted to launch the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a gas pipeline through which Russia planned to supply gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine.

Fortunately, not all Germans want to take on this shame for not stopping the war at the right time. And over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people took action in Berlin supporting Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people also came out in different German cities to protest. So, perhaps, a new adequate German chancellor may come to power much earlier. And only the representatives of German authority will be shamed, not all German citizens.

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