Powerful Quotes from the Heavenly Regiment of Ukraine

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The Russian Federation’s current war against Ukraine began with the shootings on the Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity. At that time, the Heavenly Hundred appeared in Ukraine — these people who were killed during the Maidan Revolution. The names of these heroes are mentioned in scholarships, streets are named after them, and their quotes are still published by the media. The Heavenly Hundred has grown to the Heavenly Regiment, which is currently continuously being filled with the names of our fallen heroes. We will always remember their courage to defend Ukraine’s independence thanks to their ideas, values, ​​and dreams that continue to live on in their quotes.

We are publishing a selection of powerful quotes from the Heavenly Regiment. These words create memorable perception and direction concerning what we are fighting for against our homeland’s invaders and why.

Roman Ratushnyi

24 years old
Kyiv Activist

His parents are Taras Ratushnyi, a journalist and public figure, and Svitlana Povalyaeva, a writer and journalist.

Roman was among the first participants of the Revolution of Dignity on the night of November 30, 2013. Alongside other students, he endured beatings from the Berkut police.

In 2018, he established an initiative to oppose the development of the green zone of Protasiv Yar in Kyiv.

With the onset of a full-scale invasion, Roman joined the Territorial Defense Forces, defending Kyiv and liberating settlements in Northern Slobozhanshchyna.

In early April, he enlisted in the reconnaissance platoon of the 93rd OMBR of the Kholodnyi Yar Brigade. He defended Ukrainian territory near Kharkiv, particularly in the Izyum area.

On June 9th, Roman Ratushnyi was ambushed by the enemy and killed. There was a proposal to rename one of Kyiv’s streets in his honor, and more than 30,000 people supported this decision through the “Kyiv Digital” mobile application’s initiative to de-Russify the city’s streets.

“Burn out in yourself even the traces of Russian subculture. Burn away all the memories from your childhood that are connected with anything Russian and Soviet. Burn down relationships with friends and relatives that are from ‘that side’ – with everyone who is a carrier of the Russian subculture. Otherwise, it will burn you down.”

Another message by Roman Ratushnyi concerning how Ukrainians should interact with Russians was deleted from social networks. Nonetheless, Ukrainians managed to capture screenshots and create symbolic merchandise.

However, the most crucial aspect is that many people have committed it to memory.

*The quote is from Roman’s social media page.

Semen Oblomey

22 years old
Graduate of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy in 2018

Semen pursued his studies as a third-year student at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Forestry and Horticulture with aspirations of becoming an arborist, dedicating himself to the care and treatment of trees.

In the initial days of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion, he joined the Territorial Defense Forces. Initially stationed in Brovary and Irpin, Semen later defended Rubizhne, Lysychansk, and Severodonetsk. Despite lacking prior military experience, he remarkably attained the rank of deputy company commander within three months.

During a brief rotation, he married his girlfriend, Vira.

Tragically, on June 21st, he succumbed to a Russian airstrike in Severodonetsk. However, before his untimely demise, he successfully led his group to a place of safety.

“I never watch the news, and on February 24th, I did something very uncharacteristic of me: I stayed home all day and watched the news. It exhausted me greatly. I engaged in an internal dialogue about whether I should contribute to the defense of our country. I hesitated, aware that I lacked real military experience and since there were many others eager to do so. Yet, the following day, I still believed I should go. There was another moment when it seemed I might not make it due to the exceedingly long queues.”

*The quote is from an interview with journalist Yuriy Butusov.

Artem Dymyd

27 years old
Graduate of the Department of Historical Sciences of the Humanities Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University

Artem is the great-grandson of historian Ivan Krypiakevych and priest Artemiy Tsehelskyi, who was deported to Siberia. His father serves as a priest and was the inaugural rector of the restored Lviv Theological Academy, now known as UCU. His mother, Ivanka Krypiakevich-Dymyd, is an icon painter.

He was an active member of the Lviv Scout branch of “Plast”, known by the call sign “Kurka” or “Hen.”

Having played a significant role in the Revolution of Dignity, he emerged as an engaged participant.

As a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation, he volunteered in the “Azov” unit and participated in battles in the Shyroke region. Later, he transferred to the specialized “Harpoon” unit.

Upon his return from the ATO, Artem enthusiastically pursued parachuting and engaged in various other extreme activities. His adventurous spirit led him to visit more than 50 countries.

He also contributed to the team of the clothing brand “Aviatsiya Halychyny.”

Despite being in the United States on February 24, 2022, he promptly returned to Ukraine following the commencement of the Russian Federation’s invasion. He took the oath at home and immediately proceeded to the front lines.

Tragically, he lost his life in battles near Donetsk on June 18th 2022.

“We all understood that sooner or later there could be a war. I knew from childhood that Russia would attack us. Perhaps it was due to the upbringing from my grandmother, parents, and all those who had suffered in previous times. For me, it was the moment that arrived, the moment for which I had been preparing.”

*The quote is from an interview with Artem conducted by Radio Rayon.

Pasha Lee

33 years old
Theater, Film and Dubbing Actor, TV Host

Pasha was born in Yevpatoria, Crimea. Following the occupation of Crimea, he relocated to Irpin, near Kyiv.

He gained recognition for his appearances in various Ukrainian films, including “The Tunnel,” “Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors,” “Rule of Battle,” and others.

Amidst the full-scale war, on the fifth day, Pasha joined the Irpin humanitarian headquarters.

Tragically, on March 6, in Irpin, he met his untimely demise. The Russian occupiers targeted the vehicle he used to deliver humanitarian aid to the townspeople, resulting in his death.

“We persevered in 2014, and we will not give up now.”

*The quote is from social networks.

Oleksandr Makhov

36 years old
Journalist, Military Serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Oleksandr was born in Luhansk and relocated to Kyiv after the city’s occupation.

He had a career working for various TV channels, reporting on events within the war zone.

In 2015, he voluntarily joined the mobilization effort and participated in battles near Horlivka.

Upon the onset of the full-scale invasion, he once again returned to the front lines.

On May 4th, Oleksandr tragically lost his life near the city of Izyum due to artillery fire from the Russian occupiers.

“I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t volunteer right away in 2014. I lived in this vacuum and believed that there was an army that would come and liberate us. I had no military experience; I hadn’t held a weapon in my hands. I went to the front as a journalist and encountered people like a teacher or a lawyer… Since 2014, I went to the front as a correspondent.

I remember meeting a guy from Khmelnytskyi on the front lines in Luhansk region, recording an interview with him. And I thought, ‘This guy came from Khmelnytskyi to fight in the Luhansk region. I am from Luhansk, sitting here and not fighting. I should be with him.’”

*The quote is from an interview with Oleksandr on the program “Antipodes.”

Maks Levin


Maks collaborated with numerous Ukrainian and international media outlets and news agencies, specializing in projects related to the war in Ukraine.

He was among the fortunate individuals who managed to escape the Ilovaisk cauldron alive. Alongside his colleague, war photojournalist Markiian Lyseiko, he co-founded the AFTER ILOVAISK project, aimed at documenting and revisiting the events of August 2014.

On March 13, 2022, Maks Levin embarked on a car journey to the village of Huta-Mezhyhirska, located approximately 40 km from Kyiv, together with soldier and former photographer Oleksiy Chernyshov. Their purpose was to capture drone photos of the occupied area. They proceeded towards the village of Moshchun in search of their lost drone, following which all communication with them ceased. On April 1st, Maks Levin’s lifeless body was discovered by the police. He had been fatally shot by the occupiers.

“Every Ukrainian photographer dreams of capturing an image that will bring an end to the war. This aspiration has long been deeply personal for each of us. And yes, there is nowhere for us to flee. This is our land.”

Oleh Kutsyn

Commander of the 49th Infantry Battalion “Karpatska Sich,” who fought side by side with the 93rd Mechanized Brigade “Kholodnyi Yar”

On October 4, 1989, defying the strict prohibition imposed by the communist regime, Oleh Kutsyn boldly raised the blue and yellow flag for the first time in his hometown of Tiachiv. In 1990, he was among those who hoisted the Ukrainian flag atop Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine.

He actively participated in the Revolution on Granite and was a member of the organization Prosvita, dedicated to promoting education and enlightenment.

When the war in the eastern regions of Ukraine erupted in 2014, he organized a volunteer group that provided aid to Ukrainian soldiers in the Slovyansk region. During the summer of 2014, he co-founded and led a volunteer unit known as “Karpatska Sich” alongside his comrades. From 2014 to 2016, the unit evolved into a company and became part of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The company’s warriors engaged in intense battles in the vicinity of Donetsk airport, near the villages of Pisky, Vodyane, Opytne, and the Butivka Mine. Oleh Kutsyn sustained injuries during the battle for Pisky.

On February 24th, 2022, he and his comrades revived the volunteer battalion, reaffirming their commitment to the cause.

Tragically, on June 19th, he lost his life due to enemy shelling near Izyum.

“We recognize that the future of the Ukrainian state and its people hangs in the balance at this very moment. It is imperative for us to take up arms and join the frontlines. Neither American Javelins nor English NLAWs alone will secure victory in this battle. It is solely us, the Ukrainian people, who have the power to dismantle this enemy, for it was our existence that brought life to that empire. Only with the support of the righteous and civilized world can we triumph over it.”

“This war will reach its conclusion either in Chop or in Vladivostok.”

Serhiy Skald

Soldier, Poet, and Activist

Serhiy Skald embarked on his writing and publishing journey in 2010. Notable works by him include the poetry collection “Navylit: Rhymes in 5.45 caliber” published in 2018, “Inshi” released in 2021, and his co-authorship in the patriotic poetry collection “Holos Krovi” in 2013.

He actively participated in the Revolution of Dignity and voluntarily joined the ranks to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression in 2014. Serving as part of a reconnaissance group, he notably contributed as one of the valiant “Cyborgs” defending Donetsk Airport. During the course of the war, he endured two concussions.

When the full-scale Russian attack unfolded in 2022, he promptly returned to the front lines and joined the Azov Regiment. He played a vital role in the defense of Azovstal in Mariupol. Tragically, he lost his life on April 21st while valiantly defending the metallurgical plant, which had become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance.

I am one of those who embraced the battle early on,
I advanced amidst the blasts of cannons.
I traded the warm blanket of colorful dreams
For the hardships of war and an automatic rifle.

I am one of those who distinguish actions from words,
I struck silently, and I did not cry out in disgrace.
I am one who no longer fears blood,
And the only path is the struggle!

I am one of those who march together till the end,
I am the destructive wave of defiance,
I am the one who ignites hearts with resistance,
I am rebellion, I am chaos, I am war!

From his poem, Dobrovolets (“Volunteer”), 2015

Oleh Vorobyov

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Scientist

Oleh Vorobyov actively participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine. Following his return, he and his wife established a project called Happy Together, aimed at providing psychological support to the families of ATO participants.

He pursued the Master of Science in Technology Management program at the Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). In addition, he contributed his talents as a member of the Lviv musical group Riasni Drova Consort, recognized for their experimental sound.

Tragically, he lost his life on the front line on May 30th.

“I believe that we endure these sufferings and pains to cultivate greater empathy, compassion, and love for others while drawing closer to God. ‘Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep’ (Romans 12:15). I hope that after this war, both I and all of us will more fully embody this quote.”

Roman Zhuk

Photographer, Videographer, and Eco-activist

Roman Zhuk played a significant role as a co-founder of the environmental movement Chysto.de, which specifically focused on the preservation of the Tereble-Ritska Hydroelectric Power Station reservoir in the Zakarpattia region. Alongside fellow advocates from across Ukraine, they organized eco-picnics, cleanup parties, and other green events to raise awareness and promote environmental conservation.

Together with his wife, Roman established a brand called Povna banka, which crafted delicious jams from Carpathian berries, showcasing their commitment to local and sustainable food production.

In the early stages of the full-scale invasion, he selflessly volunteered for military service and served as an artilleryman, contributing to the defense effort.

“Take care of the Carpathians as you would your own backyard.”

(Slogan of Chysto.de)

Andriy Verkhohliad

Major | Battalion Commander of the 72nd OMBr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Andriy represented a new generation of commanders within the Armed Forces, possessing substantial combat experience from the outset of the large-scale war. Born into a family with a military background, he completed his education at the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Ground Forces Academy.

Within two weeks of his graduation in the spring of 2016, he arrived in the war zone. In October of the same year, he actively participated in the defense of the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine.

Tragically, he lost his life in battle on June 23, 2022.

“I always adhere to the rule we were taught: lead by example. A commander must give example through their actions. A soldier, just like myself, possesses two legs, two arms, and a head. Shells and bullets do not discriminate based on rank, be it captain or soldier. Perhaps that is why I feel the need to personally verify everything, ensuring clarity, accessible pathways, and proper arrangements. Only after witnessing everything firsthand can I confidently say: ‘Go work, boys.'”

*The quote source.

Pavlo Nakonechnyi

Coordinator of the Public Organization “Call of Yar”

Pavlo was born in Cherkasy and completed his studies at Mykhailo Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. In the spring of 2020, he co-founded a public organization called “Call of Yar”alongside like-minded individuals. The organization focuses on fostering patriotic education among the youth, conducting educational events, promoting the historical region of Kholodnyi Yar and its heroes, and maintaining a close collaboration with the 93rd OMBr “Kholodnyi Yar.”

Tragically, he lost his life in battles in the southern direction on June 18, 2022.

“The ‘Call of Yar’ is the essence of my life, the living embodiment of my ideals, dreams, and values. It represents the cultivation of an alternative society where young people can assume responsibility. I envision a future where ‘Call of Yar’ consists of numerous individuals, magnifying the scope of our work and igniting the passion for Kholodnyi Yar in people’s hearts. It brings me joy to witness responsible young individuals shaping a generation with a profoundly different approach to life. And someday, in the years to come, it will be gratifying to know that it was you who stood at the genesis of this unstoppable movement that continues to gain momentum.”

*The quote source.

Yevhen Olefirenko

Junior Lieutenant | Platoon Commander of the 1st Special Purpose Brigade named after Ivan Bohun

Born in Kyiv, Yevhen pursued a career as a historian, having studied at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Uppsala University in Sweden.

Following the outbreak of the war in 2014, he deliberately prepared himself for the defense of Ukraine. He enrolled at the National University of Defense, focusing on acquiring military expertise. On the very first day of the full-scale invasion, he joined the army.

He fought near Mykolaiv, serving as a grenade launcher and mortar operator. Additionally, he trained foreign volunteers who were dedicated to defending Ukraine. His unit valiantly defended Lysychansk until the very end, successfully evacuating his platoon from the partially encircled city without casualties.

Tragically, he lost his life in battle near Bakhmut on July 7th.

“We must prepare for a challenging and protracted war. It is a matter of survival, with only one side emerging victorious. The root of chauvinistic sentiments, which have historically incited Muscovite aggression against their neighbors, lies within Russian culture.”

“Therefore, it is imperative for Russian culture to undergo a profound transformation.”

*The quote source.

Ivan Marchuk

Commander of the “Volat” Battalion of the Kastus Kalynovskyi Regiment

Born in the city of Brest, Belarus, Ivan made the decision to join the French Foreign Legion at the age of 19. Possessing a significant military background, he actively defended Ukraine in the ATO zone from 2015 onwards, contributing to the resistance against the initial phases of the Russian invasion.

Following the onset of the full-scale Russian Federation invasion, he established a regiment that welcomed Belarusians who chose to defend Ukraine against the Russian invaders.

Tragically, he lost his life on June 26th, 2022, during the battle for Lysychansk.

“How could I not go? Even back then, it was evident in which direction the Russian aggression was heading. However, there were hopes that it would not escalate to a full-scale conflict. The ATO represented a noble cause, protecting fellow brothers from unlawful aggression. What struck me the most when I arrived in the ATO zone was witnessing how people were willing to sacrifice themselves without expecting anything in return for the sake of their country and how they supported one another.”

Source: The provided quote is from an interview for Radio Free Europe, which was recorded the day before his death.

Our defenders often exhibit extraordinary capabilities, skillfully reclaiming lands from the overwhelming resources of the Russian invaders. Ukrainians find joy in every victory, but also bear in mind the immense price paid for it. The lives of those who have perished while defending Ukraine’s freedom and independence are invaluable, deserving of eternal memory and honor.

The modern Russian-Ukrainian war commenced eight years ago and has already claimed the lives of numerous soldiers who remained loyal to their country. It all began with the emergence of the Heavenly Hundred on Independence Square, and now we recognize the Heavenly Regiment.

Today, we present the fifth installment of a compilation of quotes from the Heavenly Regiment. These words deepen our understanding of our direction, purpose, and the ongoing fight against the occupying forces.

Oleksandr Hryanyk


A native of Kyiv, Oleksandr served in the Azov regiment for six years, primarily stationed near Mariupol, where he held the position of a senior machine gunner. In January 2022, he made the decision to leave military service and pursue civilian life. However, upon the commencement of the full-scale defense of the country on February 24th, he once again took up arms. Initially unable to reach Mariupol, he joined the Territorial Defense in Kyiv and participated in intense battles in Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel.

On March 27th, Oleksandr voluntarily flew to the besieged city of Mariupol. While bravely defending the Azovstal plant, he suffered severe injuries but selflessly declined evacuation to prioritize the safety of civilians. Oleksandr displayed unwavering courage in his defense of Mariupol until the very end.

Tragically, he passed away on May 8th.

“Sasha’s parents are from the Luhansk region. This injustice deeply stirred him — the realization that there were places filled with cherished memories that he could no longer visit. He ardently wished for all Ukrainians to have the opportunity to return to their ancestral lands.”

Source: The provided quote is from Olga, a friend of Oleksandr.

Oleh Marinchenko

Combat Medic | Military Chaplain | ATO Veteran | “Cyborg”

Oleh was an evangelical Baptist Christian who dedicated himself to serving as a chaplain and combat medic during the Russo-Ukrainian war, starting in 2014. He notably took part in the defense of the Donetsk airport as one of the renowned “Cyborgs.” Following the commencement of a full-scale invasion, he courageously returned to the front lines, where he played a vital role in saving the lives of fellow soldiers.

Tragically, he lost his life in the Kherson region in August when a large-caliber Russian mortar struck the dugout where he was providing emergency medical aid to the wounded. Remarkably, his comrades recall how Oleh shielded four fellow fighters with his own body, ultimately saving their lives.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends’ (John 15:13). And we fulfill this commandment before God, essentially. We lay down our souls for those who are close to us: for our comrades here, for our families there, for the whole country.”

Source: video.

Roman Barvinok-Skrypal

Military Serviceman | Musician | Activist

Roman was raised in an Odesa-based family that spoke Ukrainian. From an early age, he immersed himself in music and dance. In 2016, he made his initial journey to the frontlines. Despite his poor eyesight, which rendered him ineligible for conscription, he concealed this fact to fulfill his duty in defending his country. Initially, he fought as part of the volunteer army before joining the marines. Even in the midst of the trenches, he strived to enhance his musical abilities, showcasing his talent as a violinist.

Tragically, he passed away on August 20th. Notably, less than three months before his own demise, he experienced the loss of his father, who had also fought against the Russian invaders.

“What makes me fight? It is my unwillingness for Ukrainian children to witness this war, to witness such horrors. This is the core motivation. When a country is under attack by another nation, every individual must rise and defend their land, their country, and their people.”

*The quote source.

Andriy Bukhalo

Military Serviceman | Entrepreneur

Born in the Poltava region, Andriy dedicated himself to defending Ukraine from August 2014 onwards as part of the Aidar Battalion, specifically the 24th Separate Assault Battalion “Aidar”. After leaving the military service a few years ago, he established a vehicle service station. His aspirations included constructing a garage to repair military equipment and building a buggy for the secure transportation of wounded individuals from the battlefield. However, following the events of February 24th, he, as a sergeant in the Armed Forces Reserve, once again took up arms.

Tragically, he lost his life on August 18th while valiantly defending the country in the Kharkiv region.

“Everything will be Ukraine! It is essential for everyone to comprehend this. Our future is at stake, and we will defend it with every last drop of blood. From Lviv to Luhansk. From Chernihiv to Sevastopol. The nation has awakened. We pay an extraordinarily high price for our freedom, but it will culminate in the prophetic words of the Kobzar [Taras Shevchenko]:

And on renewed earth,
There will be no enemy, no adversary,
But there will be a son and there will be a mother,
And there will be people on the land.”

Source: Facebook.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Historian | Deputy | Military Officer

Vyacheslav served as the head of the information and publishing department of the Khortytsia National Reserve and held two terms as a member of the Zaporizhzhia City Council. He actively participated in the ATO starting from March 2014 and was a defender of Donetsk airport. Throughout his service, he endured two injuries, displaying immense bravery. In recognition of his military merits, he was honored with the state award order “For Courage” of the third degree. With the onset of the full-scale invasion, Vyacheslav once again joined the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Tragically, he passed away in October in the Donetsk region.

“Putin’s cronies offer us ‘peace’ on their terms. Accepting such terms would mean devaluing ourselves. We will never, ever surrender. Our only goal is freedom. Yes, this might sound fervent, but there is no other alternative. It’s either they [kill] us, or we [kill] them—there will be no second chance.”

Bizhan Sharopov

Biologist | Public Activist

Originally from Tajikistan, Bizhan relocated to Ukraine with his family at the age of six. He pursued his studies at the Department of Biology in the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and successfully defended his PhD thesis. He actively participated in the Revolution of Dignity, and in 2014, he fought alongside the Aidar volunteer battalion. Within two years, he co-founded and served as the chief biologist of the biotechnology company Ukrainian Genetic Technologies. Following the commencement of a full-scale invasion, he returned to the frontlines.

Starting from April 2022, he was reported as missing, and on February 6, 2023, his death was confirmed.

“Civilization expands through conflicts with barbarians. Only war serves as a sharp enough form of competition that exposes all the strengths and weaknesses of a community, testing its viability. Barbarian tribes either learn from their own defeats and rise to the level of civilization, or they are crushed in this struggle. As the experiences of the past decade have shown, Russians fail to learn anything.”

Ihor Teryokhin

Journalist | Writer | Restaurateur

Ihor worked as a journalist in Odesa and ran a writing blog while also pursuing studies in winemaking. Eventually, he transitioned to working as a sommelier and wine consultant, eventually venturing into the realm of restaurateurship.

From the initial days of the full-scale invasion, he took up arms and defended his country as part of the Territorial Defense forces. Tragically, he passed away on January 23rd, 2023, in the Kherson region.

“Regarding matters of importance, victory will belong to the volunteers, primarily to them. Eventually, it will encompass us all. Write to those on the front lines, reaching out more frequently, even if they don’t respond. Never doubt victory; it is en route. Believe me.”

Oleksii Borys

Paralegal | Journalist

Oleksii held positions at the Arzinger law firm and served as a journalist for Yurydychna Gazeta. On February 25th, 2022, he made the decision to join the Armed Forces. Initially serving as an artillery adjuster and aerial scout, he later took on the role of platoon commander for an anti-tank artillery battery.

Tragically, he passed away on February 9th, 2023.

“Many people claim that on the first day [of invasion], there was uncertainty about whether we would prevail, as fear emerged due to the vast armada of Russian aircraft, tanks, and infantry advancing towards Ukraine. I state without hesitation, and these words hold true, that I knew Ukraine would undoubtedly withstand. We may face challenging times ahead, but we will surely reclaim our country.”

Dmytro Shtanko

Lawyer | Private Entrepreneur

Фото: Юлія Вебер для Бабель.

Dmytro dedicated 16 years of his career to working within internal affairs organizations, and from 2014 onward, he pursued a private legal practice. Additionally, he was the proprietor of multiple companies operating within the agricultural sector and financial services. When the full-scale invasion began, he made the decision to join the Armed Forces.

Tragically, he lost his life on October 5th, 2022, in a battle near Bakhmut.

“Belief holds greater strength than money. We are believers, and no matter how arduous the journey may be, victory is our destiny. It is my victory, the victory of my brothers, our soldiers, and our State.”

Air alarms, power and communication outages, and curfew restrictions are things that one can adapt to over time. However, the loss of lives is something that can never be fully accepted. Every Ukrainian feels the pain of losing each defender, even if they were not personally acquainted with them. The full-scale war has shaken the entire country, and we are indebted to every individual who has laid down their life on the front lines and continues to defend our lands.

We remain committed to sharing quotes from the heroes who fought for Ukraine’s future of freedom. Each soldier belonging to this esteemed Heavenly Regiment deserves everlasting honor and remembrance. It is our duty to ensure their noble struggle carries on with dignity and to always remember the price that was paid for our freedom.

Oleksandr Bondarenko

Journalist, Communicaitons specialist

Originally from Luhansk, Oleksandr embarked on his journalistic career at Luhansk Cable Television. In 2004, he relocated to Kyiv and worked at “Public Radio,” the Ukrainian service of the BBC, as well as the TV channel “TRK Ukraine.” In August 2015, he transitioned to the field of communications. When the full-scale invasion commenced, he promptly joined the Defense Forces, actively defending the capital and participating in the Kharkiv counteroffensive.

Tragically, he lost his life in battle on April 22nd, 2023, near the city of Kreminna.

“I vividly remember that moment. On Saturday, March 1st, 2014, we were in the newsroom, watching a live broadcast. It was a session of the Russian Federation Council, during which Putin sought permission to send troops into Ukraine. The headline in UP (‘Ukrainska Pravda’) read, ‘Putin has declared war on Ukraine.’ At the time, it felt incredibly dark, frightening, and uncertain. Eight years later, fear no longer grips us. We are numerous, strong, intelligent, and resilient. We will emerge victorious. Glory to Ukraine!”


Volodymyr Mukan

Journalist | Editor

Volodymyr held positions as a journalist and editor at “Gazeta po Ukrainsky,” the magazine “Kraina,” and the online portal “Gazeta.ua.” He nurtured a passion for cars and played a role in organizing the retro car festival known as Old Car Land. Additionally, he worked as a public relations officer and operated his own communications agency. When the full-scale invasion commenced, he dedicated himself to defending the country.

Tragically, he lost his life on April 29th, 2023, in Bakhmut while fulfilling a combat mission.

“Yes, we have had ill fortune with our eastern neighbor. Russia is an absurd ‘3 in 1’ state – a terrorist, a robber, and a maniac… However, I am certain, for some reason, that their occupation of Ukraine will ultimately fail. Just as they have failed in eradicating our nation over the past 300 years.”


Dmytro Pashchuk

Entrepreneur | Member of the Ukrainian Scout Organization “Plast”

In the spring of 2011, Dmytro took the scout’s oath and went on to co-found the 109th scout troop named after Y. Horoshko in Lviv. He actively participated in the Revolution of Dignity. In 2016, Dmytro enlisted in the French Foreign Legion, serving as a member until his return to Ukraine. Upon returning, he ventured into entrepreneurial pursuits, co-founding the Port Wine Bar in Lviv. When the full-scale Russian invasion began, he joined the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Regrettably, he passed away on March 12th, 2023, in the Kherson direction.

“Accepting the death of the best people is truly difficult. However, these people do not leave us. They leave behind a profound and lasting impact. We are living in an extraordinary time, an era of heroes. It’s remarkable to live and have the opportunity to witness these heroes, to be alongside them. Even as they depart for a better world, their presence remains with us.”


Maksym Medynskyi

Journalist, Communicator

A graduate of the Institute of Journalism at KNU named after Taras Shevchenko, Maksym demonstrated his commitment to defending his country when the Russian invasion began in 2014. After serving for about a year, he transitioned back to civilian life. Maksym contributed his skills in the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure and as a communicator in the Reform Office of the Ministry of Energy. In February 2022, he made the decision to join the ranks of the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade.

Tragically, Maksym lost his life on April 29, 2022, during a battle near Kharkiv.

“I never feared losing my life, only the prospect of losing it in a senseless manner. Therefore, there was no question in my mind whether to go to war or not. My country is at war, and it is my duty to defend it.”


Dmytro Yudenko

Public Activist, Co-Founder of the NGO “Unity and Brotherhood”

Dmytro was known for his active civic engagement, advocating for the interests of the Poltava community. Following the loss of his younger brother Yevhen in combat in 2014, he made the decision to join the “Azov” battalion. He later played a pivotal role as a co-founder and instructor of the public organization “Unity and Brotherhood,” which established military schools. When the full-scale invasion began, he returned to serve in the army.

Tragically, he lost his life on May 6, 2023, near Bakhmut while carrying out a combat mission.

“Silence… The sound of water, children’s voices… In our time, all of this holds immense value. It is paid for with the sweat and blood of the fighters on the front lines, the sleepless nights and concerns for security, and the contributions of volunteers and citizens, each playing a significant role in bringing us closer to victory… I thank you all for the silence. Always faithful!”


Oleksiy Khabatyuk

Energy Expert

Oleksiy, a graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic University, specialized in power engineering and thermal physics. He dedicated his career to the field of renewable energy, working at the State Agency for Eco-Investments and serving as a deputy in the energy efficiency department at Naftogaz of Ukraine. He also held a leadership role at the Fund for Targeted Environmental Investments. However, when the full-scale invasion commenced, he joined the Defense Forces.

Tragically, he lost his life on May 4 due to a shrapnel wound sustained in Bakhmut.

“In the aftermath of our triumph, we will face a paramount responsibility—to establish a new social contract that will pave the way for tangible transformations in all spheres of society: public administration, the judicial and law enforcement systems, education, the cherished energy sector, and environmental protection. The name we assign to these changes is of secondary importance compared to their substance—an adherence to democratic principles, efficiency, and a prioritization of knowledge, experience, and professionalism over blind loyalty and duplicity.”


Oleg Drobotskyi

Artist, Photographer

In 2019, Oleg graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts. He was the creator of numerous paintings and photographs centered around military themes. One of his most renowned exhibitions was titled “AD/242: Donetsk. Airport.” The works in this series were inspired by the photographs of Serhiy Loiko, a photographer and author of the book “Airport.” Even prior to the onset of the full-scale invasion, Oleg Drobotskyi actively defended the country, serving as a marksman-sanitarian in the A4123 military unit.

Tragically, he lost his life on March 6 during shelling in the Donetsk region.

“Three years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Chernihiv for the first time, and it left a profound impact on me. The city was truly remarkable, and the people were incredible. Little did I know that three years later, the damn army would invade with its so-called ‘Russian peace.’ I am aware that many of my friends on Facebook come from various creative and professional backgrounds. Therefore, I am asking you to join the struggle, do not stand aside and do not run away.”


Orest Kinash

Traveler, Professional Climber

Orest initially pursued a career in education and worked within the State Penitentiary Service for 18 years. However, he later returned to his passion and took on the role of organizing mountain hikes. To bring together like-minded people who enjoyed active recreation, he established the Facebook group called O.K. Travel Studio. In 2016, Orest became a member of the Truth Hounds team, dedicated to documenting the war crimes committed by the Russian Federation. Over the span of six years, he participated in numerous field missions. With the outbreak of the full-scale invasion, he joined the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Tragically, he lost his life on March 29, 2023, during the battles near Bakhmut.

“Let us not forget about those who find themselves at ground zero; it is the most challenging situation for them at present. We pay our deepest respects and forever remember the soldiers who selflessly sacrificed their lives for Ukraine, for their homeland, and for their families. Let us remain united. Together, we will emerge victorious, and Ukraine will prevail.”


Maksym Ostiak


Maksym was born in Poltava and obtained his civil engineering degree from Yuriy Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic National University. He had a passion for travel, exploring both Ukraine and various parts of the world. For a significant period, he resided in Kyiv and worked at the Kyiv History Museum. In addition to his career, he showcased his musical talent as the lead singer of the band “Reve ta Stohne,” recording an album and performing internationally. The band’s journey was captured in the documentary “Reve ta Stohne on Tour.” Maksym possessed a versatile singing ability and could even perform throat singing.

In February 2014, Maksym actively participated in the Revolution of Dignity, sustaining injuries during the events. As the full-scale war unfolded, he willingly volunteered and contributed to the defense of Kyiv. Serving as a drone operator, he engaged in combat operations in Irpin. Eventually, on June 1, 2022, he joined the air reconnaissance unit of the 49th separate rifle battalion within the Karpatska Sich Armed Forces.

Tragically, Maksym lost his life on July 4, 2022, in the Kharkiv region while fulfilling a combat mission.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine. These three words resonate with a resolute, courageous tone, spoken with unwavering confidence and deep pride. I hold a profound sense of pride for this chevron and all that it represents.”


Evheny Osievsky

Journalist, Writer

Evheny pursued his academic studies in anthropology as a graduate student at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.” He had plans to conduct field research on Tanna Island in Vanuatu, but unfortunately, his aspirations were thwarted by a pandemic and subsequently by a full-scale invasion. Nonetheless, Evheny made significant contributions as a writer, producing critical journalistic pieces that explored various religious movements in Kyiv, including Krishnaites, Scientologists, and neo-pagans. He also delved into the realms of cinema, comics, and played an active role in popularizing science.

During the initial weeks of the invasion, Evheny, accompanied by his two feline companions, found refuge in a student dormitory in the town of Vorzel near Kyiv. They persevered under occupation until March when they successfully evacuated. Following his evacuation, Evheny transitioned to working as a journalist specializing in military topics. He had the opportunity to conduct interviews with notable figures such as Ukrainian sniper Hugh Gusterson, who possessed expertise in nuclear weapons.

In November 2022, driven by a sense of duty, Evheny voluntarily mobilized and joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, specifically the 77th Airborne Assault Brigade, where he served as a marksman. His involvement in combat operations commenced in March 2023, focusing on the area surrounding the city of Bakhmut.

On May 22, he gave his life for his country during an enemy mortar shelling near the village of Khromove.

“I have no doubt that when they say ‘people like you have no place in war’ or ‘let others fight’ they mean a compliment, maybe even an expression of support. I do not need such support. It takes for granted that writing texts or programs or abusing the word ‘discourse’ or what else ‘people like me’ do is a higher, more elite type of activity than ‘simply’ going to protect one’s family and city, ‘only’ to lose an arm, ‘only’ to become red foam on the tracks of an enemy tank. People are not divided into varieties and breeds. People here share napkins, bread, cartridges, water, energy for phones, gloves, socks, and body heat. I call these people my brothers.”


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