Response of Ukrainian artists to the war started by the Russian Federation. Part 4

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Russian soldiers continue pushing into Ukraine, although those coming in tanks already know that this will be their last “trip”. As of 21 March 2022, the Ukrainian army has already eliminated more than 15,000 Russian troops.

In their illustrations, Ukrainian artists have been mocking Russian soldiers’ Soviet-era equipment and technology, expired army rations, and useless first aid kits. In more than twenty days of full-scale war, Russian soldiers have “proven themselves” to the whole world as looters and rapists, capable of killing civilians, including children.

Illustration: Mari Kinovych

Illustration: Mari Kinovych

Illustration: Anton Abo

Illustration: Dima Serheev

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

Illustration: Mykola Honcharov

Illustration: Petrenko Andryi

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

24.03 (a month of war)
Today is exactly a month of full-scale war with Russia.
The enemy is breaking its teeth in Ukraine. It failed to capture our cities in three days or three weeks. And it will never succeed.

Millions of Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes. Thousands lost their loved ones. Dozens of settlements were bombed by cruise missiles. But Ukrainians are unbreakable. The entire nation came together in this war against Russia.

Our victory is getting closer every day.

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: daria filippova

Illustration: Ludmila Shevchenko

Illustration: Tetiana Lytovchenko

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov


Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Mariia Zhuravel

Now Ukrainians have their own answer to the Russian band, which had the song “Argentina-Jamaica 5: 0” in their repertoire — “Chornobayivka-Moscow 10:0”.

Chornobayivka is a village near Kherson, which during the full-scale war became a legendary place of the suicide of the Russian army. For the 10th time in a row, ‘cool’ soldiers are pulling their equipment to the airfield located in the village. They are preparing to advance to Mykolayiv and Odesa and instead, get their asses kicked by AFU.

It is unknown how many more times the Russian military will step on the Chornobayivka rakes, but Ukrainians already like their strategy.

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

Illustration: Bright Arts

Illustration: Zukentiy Gorobyov

Illustration: Oleksandr Grekhov

Illustration: Max Moshkovsky

Illustration: Maliunok

Illustration: Yurko Zhuravel

Illustration: Vovk Alina

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