07/05 – 12/05. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №13

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May 7-8th

Russian forces shelled the Skovoroda National Museum, destroying the building completely. Accompanied by Olena Zelenska, US First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Uzhhorod and visited displaced children. In a Kyiv metro station, legendary rock band U2 played a concert in support of Ukraine.

7.05 Mariupol, Pryazovia

Photo: Facebook page of Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Marine Brigade

A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during demining exercises.

Photo: Slava Ratynski

8.05 Kryvyi Rih, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Women sew military uniforms in a factory that has adapted the format of its work during the war.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

7.05 Skovorodynivka, Slobozhanshchyna
A Russian missile strike hit the Hryhorii Skovoroda National Museum. The premises almost burned down to the ground.

Photo: Military Administration of Kharkiv Region

7.05 Kyiv
A woman takes a selfie in front of Dmytro Iv’s sculpture ‘Zastrelys’ (‘Go shoot yourself’), dedicated to Putin.

Photo: Oleksandr Khomenko

8.05 Kyiv
Next to the National Military History Museum, an exhibition of destroyed Russian military equipment has been installed.

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

7.05 Makariv, Polissia
A destroyed car in a rural area in the Kyiv region. Parts of an RPG projectile were found on the site.

Photo: Alex Lourie

7.05 Makariv, Polissia
A girl stands on the turret of a destroyed Russian tank.

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak

8.05 Kyiv
U2 stars Bono and The Edge supported Ukraine by performing at Khreshchatyk metro station, together with Taras Topolia, frontman of the band Antytila.

Photo: Sergei Supinsky for Gettyimages

8.05 Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia
US First Lady Jill Biden hugs Olena Zelenska near a school in Uzhhorod that is accepting students who have been internally displaced by the war.

Photo: Susan Walsh for the NY Times

May 9-10th

The world celebrated the Day of Remembrance of the victims of World War Two. Hundreds of wounded soldiers are on the site of the besieged Azovstal plant in temporarily occupied Mariupol. The Ukrainian military is liberating villages near Kharkiv. In the US, the lend-lease act for Ukraine has been signed.

Cover 9.05 Warsaw, Poland

Photo: Maciek Luczniewski for AP

10.05 Mariupol, Pryazovia
The Azov Regiment revealed the conditions that the wounded defenders of Mariupol are living in.

Photo: Dmytro 'Orest' Kozatskyi

10.05 Mariupol, Pryazovia
The wounded defenders of Mariupol are living in unsanitary conditions, with open wounds and without the necessary medication.

Photo: Dmytro 'Orest' Kozatskyi

9.05 near Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian forces launch counter-attacks, liberating villages near Kharkiv.

Photo: Felipe Dana for AP

10.05 Lviv, Halychyna
Two Ukrainian sergeants killed at the front are commemorated at the funeral service in the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

Photo: Pietro Chekal

Ukrainian forces use trophy equipment (here, a seized Russian tank) to defeat the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Facebook page of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, ‘Kholodnyi Yar’

9.05 near Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
Night time at a checkpoint controlled by Ukrainian soldiers, who are driving the Russian occupiers away from Kharkiv.

Photo: George Ivanchenko

9.05 Odesa, Prychornomoria
The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shmygal, met in Odesa.

Photo: Charles Michel's Twitter account

9.05 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
A family of migrants who moved out of the occupied village of Novobohdanivka, near Melitopol.

Photo: Elena Tita

9.05 Washington, USA
US President Joe Biden signed the lend-lease act for Ukraine.

Photo: White House Press Office

May 11-12th

Ukrainians are fleeing the war zone and the temporarily occupied regions and receiving assistance in the territories controlled by Ukraine. Liberated villages in the Kyiv region are receiving humanitarian aid and are gradually recovering. The Ukrainian military is holding back the Russian occupiers in the east.

Cover 11.05 Luhovyky, Polissia

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

12.05 Lviv, Halychyna
Natalia and her two 11-year-old children were at Kramatorsk railway station when a rocket hit them. The girl and her mother were seriously injured.

Photo: Iryna Zaslavets

12.05 Osovets, Polissia
The team of the Kyiv Volunteer Headquarters delivers humanitarian aid to a village in the Kyiv region impacted by the occupation.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

Ukrainian defenders document how villages look after liberation from the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Facebook page of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, ‘Kholodnyi Yar’

11.05 Zaporizhzhia, Podniprovia and Zaporizhzhia
Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories continue to arrive in Zaporizhzhia.

Photo: Elena Tita

In Russian-occupied villages, locals would often write “people” and “children” on fences.

Photo: Serhii Korovainyi

Ukrainian forces open fire on Russian occupiers trying to enter a village.

Photo: Lynsey Addario

11.05 Mariupol, Pryazovia
Ukrainian defenders Valeria and Andrii got married on May 5 during the bombing of the besieged Azovstal enterprise. On May 7, Andrii died.

Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

12.05 Dmytrivka, Polissia
Raising the turret of a Russian tank.

Photo: David Guttenfelder

11.05 Pidhaine, Polissia
Residents of the village of Pidhaine, which was badly damaged by the Russian occupiers, are gradually rebuilding their homes.

Photo: Alexey Furman for Getty Images

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