06/06 – 11/06. How Ukraine is resisting Russian occupation. Photo digest №18

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Heavy fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. Teams of sappers continue to demine the liberated territories. Ukrainian fighters are being trained before leaving for the front line. Wounded Ukrainian soldiers are recovering in rehabilitation centers.


07.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Sasha Maslov

07.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
A sign reading “Careful, mines!” in a residential area of Kharkiv.

Photo: Kirill Gonchar

07.06 Lviv, Halychyna
Ukrainian military in the Lviv Rehabilitation Centre for people who have lost limbs.

Photo: Oleksandr Khomenko

06.06 Polissia
A boy inspects destroyed Russian equipment.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

06.06 Polissia
A fighter of a newly formed battalion during training.

Photo: Yurii Stefanyak

07.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
A schoolgirl from Kharkiv wearing a graduation dress in front of a school destroyed by the Russian occupiers.

Photo: Anna Episheva

07.06 Slobozhanshchyna
Smoke from explosions rises in the sky on the front of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Photo: Aris Messinis

07.06 Slobozhanshchyna
A Ukrainian serviceman occupies a position on the front line in eastern Ukraine.

Photo: Aris Messinis

07.06 Borodyanka, Polissia
Sappers performing demining work in the village of Borodianka.

Photo: Slava Ratynski

07.06 Polissia
A man inspects a destroyed Russian tank.

Photo: Roman Klymchuk


Russian equipment burned by the Ukrainian military is already overgrown with grass and flowers. Ukrainian doctors perform complex operations, rescuing people with shrapnel wounds. Civilians inspect their damaged apartments. Ukraine continues to stand and is approaching its victory.

09.06 Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Serhii Korovainyi

Blue and yellow flowers grew in the middle of the wreckage of burnt Russian equipment.

Photo: Andrii Taran

09.06 Kharkiv region, Slobozhanshchyna
The cat is next to the Ukrainian military patrolling the territory.

Photo: Yana Sidásh

09.06 Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian defender in the trench on the front line.

Photo: Finbarr O'Reilly for The New York Times

09.06 Slobozhanshchyna
Picture of damage to the femoral bone due to a shrapnel wound.

Photo: Serhii Korovainyi

09.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
The view of the central square of Kharkiv from the window of the regional state administration. The inscription on the banner says, “Everything for the victory.”

Photo: Alexander Sharma

08.06 Kyiv
A woman on Independence Square against the background of the inscription “I ♥ Ukraine.”

Photo: Marko Djurica

09.06 Irpin,Polissia
Natalia Prykhodko looks at the city from the window of her burned apartment.

Photo: Marko Djurica for Reuters

09.06 Trostyanets, Slobozhanshchyna
An employee of Ukrzaliznytsia on the background of the fragmented railway station in Trostyanets.

Photo: Slava Ratynski

09.06 ІIrpin, Polissia
The wall of a residential building was quickly restored after a direct hit by a Russian projectile.

Photo: Sergiy Illyashenko


The so-called ‘DPR’ has given death sentences to three foreigners who fought in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. The Ukrainian military is testing the latest drones. Ukrainian fields are littered with destroyed Russian equipment.

10.06 Severodonetsk, Slobozhanshchyna

Photo: Oleksandr Ratushnyak

11.06 Makariv, Polissia
A Soviet mosaic on the wall of a ruined building.

Photo: Sergiy Illyashenko

10.06 Kharkiv, Slobozhanshchyna
Kharkiv artist Hamlet Zinkivskyi in front of one of his works, entitled ‘Keeping my balance’.

Photo: Karina Piliugina

10.06 Kyiv
Testing a drone on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Photo: Natacha Pisarenko for AP Photo

11.06 Lysychansk, Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian soldiers and Russian occupiers fight an artillery duel in Lysychansk.

Photo: Aris Messinis

10.06 Tsyrkuny, Slobozhanshchyna
Ukrainian servicemen in a car at the entrance to the village of Tsyrkuny.

Photo: Kirill Gonchar

10.06 Pidhaine, Polissia
A stork flies over a military building ruined by the Russian military.

Photo: Nick Tymchenko

10.06 Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia and Podniprovia
Cats belonging to a family who managed to evacuate from Mariupol.

Photo: Elena Tita

Destroyed Russian equipment.

Photo: Facebook page of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, ‘Kholodnyi Yar’

Military equipment in a field near a river.

Photo: Facebook page of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, ‘Kholodnyi Yar’

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