Response of Ukrainian artists to the war started by the Russian Federation. Part 8

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The Resistance

Stopping tanks with their bare hands, downing an enemy drone with a can of tomatoes, repelling information attacks round the clock, or finding essential supplies for the military in mere minutes — that’s how Ukrainians, who oppose the Russian army and its allies, have spent the last 40 days. The full-scale war has brought everyone together more than ever. Everyone is fighting in their own field, consumed with righteous rage and filled with fervent love for their land.

Ukrainians are weathered by history and therefore unbreakable. Among them are rational optimists and dreamers, who will find something to rejoice in even during the harshest of times. Freedom and love are their weapons.

Illustration: AzaNiziMazaStudio (instagram: @aza_nizi_maza)

Illustration: Liliya Nebera (instagram: @neberrrra)

Illustration: Mari Kinovych (instagram: @marikinoo)

Illustration: Liliya Nebera (instagram: @neberrrra)

Illustration: Oleg White (instagram: @olkwhite)

Illustration: Victor Grudakov (instagram: @viktor.grudakov)

Illustration: Bright Arts (instagram: @bright_arts)

Illustration: Sophia Suliy (instagram: @zosia_illustrates)

Illustration: Sophia Suliy (instagram: @zosia_illustrates)

Illustration: Liza (Yablonska) Mikhaylus (instagram: @yablonskali)

Illustration: Lera Lytvyn (instagram: @leralytvyn_illustrations)


Ukrainians aren’t going through this full-scale war alone – they’re doing so with their pets, who seem to share their owners’ thirst for life and victory. Some animals help State Emergency Service officers look for enemy mines, while others protect their owners from the occupiers and help them overcome feelings of loneliness. Cats, dogs and rabbits patiently endure the long evacuation journey from bombed cities. However, many animals in the war zone or the temporarily occupied territories need help, especially those whose owners, sadly, have either died or could not be evacuated with their pets.

Risking their lives, caring Ukrainians rescue all the animals they can. They take them in, find them new owners, or send them to European shelters. Each of these stories is about humanity and love.

Illustration: Victor Grudakov (instagram: @viktor.grudakov)

Illustration: Olga Wilson (instagram:

Illustration: Valentina Mytets

Illustration: Anite Pi (instagram: @anitepi_art)

Illustration: myfabstory

Illustration: Kristina Tsvenger (instagram: @tsvenger_art)

Illustration: nika (instagram: @vsyonormalno.jpg)

Illustration: Marta Koshulinska (instagram: @marta_koshulinska)

Illustration: grasya_oliyko

Illustration: Veronika Kotyk (instagram:

Mariupol resistance

“Mariupol – Azovstal – Mariupol” is now in thoughts of every Ukrainian. Russian soldiers are cold-bloodedly destroying the entire city – any infrastructure facilities, residential buildings, and civilians. The whole world sees how the Russian Federation keeps citizens in filtration camps, takes them to its territory, or imitates the distribution of humanitarian aid. Even more cynical is the news from the Russian media that the first school has opened in Mariupol since the day of the hostilities.

The Ukrainian military, who are now defending Mariupol, are not just heroes but titans. These days there are fierce battles at the Azovstal plant, where more than a thousand civilians are hiding, including children, women, and the elderly. With an advantage in numbers and weapons, the Russian occupiers hit Azovstal with aerial bombs. The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Sergiy Volynsky, recorded a video message to the world community with a request to help Mariupol as soon as possible.

We believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We believe that Mariupol will stand, and Russia will pay for everything it has done.

Illustration: Nato Mikeladze (instagram: @_natomikeladze)

Illustration: mala_malue

Illustration: Natali Kozeko (instagram: @nataliko_illustrations)

Illustration: Юра Іванцик (instagram: @ivantsyk_yurii)

Illustration: Bogdana Davydiuk (instagram: @bogdana.davydiuk)

Illustration: Oksana Drachkovska (instagram: @oksanadrachkovskaillustration)

Illustration: Oksana Drachkovska (instagram: @oksanadrachkovskaillustration)

Illustration: Olenka Zahorodnyk(instagram: @alekonkart)

Illustration: Oleksandr Shatokhin (instgram: @shat.art88)

Illustration: neivanmade

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