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The Ukraine Street campaign has been launched in dozens of countries worldwide, calling on local communities and city authorities to support the renaming of streets with Russian Embassies and consulates to names dedicated to Ukraine.

Through its military aggression, political statements, propaganda, and disseminated narratives, Russia seems to be trying to prove that Ukraine is not a sovereign state. Thanks to the Ukraine Street campaign, Russian diplomats and citizens worldwide would receive a wonderful daily reminder of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The world started a symbolic action in support of Ukraine. The streets of Tirana, Vilnius, Riga, Oslo, Toronto, Prague where Russian Embassies and consulates are located, already have Ukrainian names. Several other cities have announced this intention.

We can speed up this process. On just follow a few simple steps:

Step 1:
Find a link to the petition for your city and sign it. And if there is no such list, inform the organizers about the need to create it.

Step 2:
Ask your municipality and local deputies to rename the street.

Step 3:
Share the petition with friends and the local community.

Support such a simple but meaningful act of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who defend their values of freedom and democracy. Just spread the word!

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